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THEO 104 Quiz 4 100% Correct Answers

THEO 104 Quiz 4 100% Correct Answers

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Question 1

Design in the universe reveals a designer.

Question 2

The supernatural guidance of the writers of Scripture by the spirit of God whereby they wrote the divine word of God transcribed accurately and reliably.

Question 3

Human nature reveals a personal God

Question 4

A system sees evolution as taking place entirely by inherent forces

Question 5

The standard by which the 66 books in the Bible were determined and the basis upon which they were included in Scripture.

Question 6

A system that allows for external factors.

Question 7

Reason is the intellectual and moral faculties of man as exercised in the pursuit of truth apart from supernatural aid.

Question 8

Which two possibilities of Creationism does the author say are closest to Scripture?

Question 9

Our thoughts of God imply the existence of God. Pg. 40

Question 10

What is the main teaching of Hebrews 121-2 about divine revelation?

Question 11

What is a question that Darwinians have not been able to answer?

Question 12

The self—Revelation of God through the Scriptures and finalized in Jesus Christ and relates to God’s plan of salvation for man.

Question 13

What does the Bible refer to with the word “church?”

Question 14

The act whereby God gives us knowledge about himself which could not otherwise know.

Question 15

Nature reveals the existence of God; God is the cause.

Question 16

According to the reading, how does the New Testament compare the church to a body?

Question 17

The work of the Holy Spirit in helping the believer understand and apply the spiritual meaning of the Scriptures.

Question 18

The belief that God began the process of evolution within the context of created matter. Though God programmed the system, simple life forms were allowed to evolve into more complex life structures. During this entire process, God withdrew himself and allowed natural laws to guide the process.

Question 19

The science of biblical interpretation

Question 20

The belief that God began the creative process by bringing the first organisms to life, but then oversaw the evolutionary process.