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PHIL 201 Exam 1

PHIL 201 Exam 1

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1. Until recently, Analytic philosophers have held that philosophers should first and foremost clarify meaning rather than seek new truths about reality. Answer

2.   The fallacy that occurs by assessing the value of a view or practice on the basis of its origins: Answer

3.   The kind of definition that states the meaning or meanings of a concept as it is generally used in our language: Answer

4.   The first task in analyzing an argument is to ask, “Do these premises support this conclusion?” Answer

5.   The type of Claim that is not contingent or falsifiable by experience: Answer

6.   It is a misconception that theology and philosophy compete with each other because in both, “reason functions primarily to interpret and defend doctrines whose truth is taken on faith.” Answer

7.   Which issue below is Metaphysics NOT concerned with: Answer

8. In philosophy it is important to remember when someone says that something is true “for me,” what they are saying is just as valid as anyone else’s beliefs “because the truth is relative to our own beliefs.” Answer

9.   These A Priori beliefs which are determined to be true or false purely by examining their logical form are called: Answer

10.   Which one of these is NOT a part of the definition of a Worldview? Answer

11.   When complete certainty cannot be had investigating a philosophical truth, no view is any better or worse than its competitors. Answer

12.   The branch of philosophy that examines if we can trust our senses is Epistemology. Answer

13.   In a valid Deductive argument, Answer

14. Which of these traits is NOT part of employing critical thinking according to Woodhouse: Answer

15. ONE OF THESE DOES NOT BELONG: Select the one below that is NOT one of the reasons philosophy is essential to integration according to Moreland: Answer

16.   Philosophy is a Second Order discipline, which is concerned directly with reality Answer

17.    Contingent Relations simply mean that two things go together without a contradiction. Answer

18. Thinkers from this philosophical movement are more interested in the “human condition” than arriving at a coherent worldview or analyzing words. Answer –  

19.   If two beliefs logically imply each other, then the truth of one requires the truth of the other. Answer

20.   Fundamental ideas are less general than Non-fundamental ideas and therefore more likely to lead to philosophical investigation. Answer

 21. Match the following: Answer


The use of Philosophy as a function or tool to keep Christianity internally pure

from heretical or unorthodox teachings

An informal fallacy that directs attention away from the evidence and towards the 

person making the claim.

An argument where, if the premises are true and the argument is valid, the

conclusion follows necessarily or must be true.

It does not follow.

Type of definition that presents properties that something must have in order to

belong to a certain class.

Aspect of critical examination that attempts to answer the question “Is it true?”

Concerns the structure of a deductive argument, not the truth or falsity of the

individual premises or conclusions.

A situation in which it follows that given a certain condition a particular belief or

event will occur.

The branch of philosophy that deals with values like good and bad.

The use of Philosophy as a function or tool to produce strong arguments for Christianity.