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EED 415 Week 4 Individual Classroom Observation Paper

EED 415 Week 4 Individual Classroom Observation Paper

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Classroom Observation Paper

Observe an elementary math lesson.

Identify as many of the following as you can during the lesson:

·  Lesson objectives

·  Opening, such as an anticipatory set, hook, or attention grabber

·  Manipulatives used, such as base-10 blocks, pattern blocks, C-rods, algebra tiles, counting bears, geoboards, or tangrams, and an explanation of how they were used in the activities

·  Methods of instruction, such as direct instruction, cooperative learning, inquiry, or discovery

·  Instructional strategies used to adapt and modify the learning activities

·  Procedures used

·  Assessment, such as think-pair-share, a worksheet, a textbook exercise, a quiz, an observation checklist, a portfolio, a journal entry, or a project

·  Examples of differentiated instruction and assessment

·  Adaptations or modifications to instructional strategies, materials, and equipment to accommodate diverse learners

·  Integration of math concepts or other curricula

Write a 350- to 700-word paper in which you summarize your observation, including the aforementioned components.

Conclude with a reflection on the teaching strategies that were effective for student learning.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Document your observation or reflection on the BSEd Field Experience Record.