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APOL 104 Quiz 7 100% Correct Answers

APOL 104 Quiz 7 100% Correct Answers

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1. Christian “faith” is best described as a blind leap.

2. When sharing the Gospel, it may be necessary to convert theological terms into simpler words.

3. The two major sects of Islam are the Sunni and the “____________”

4. What a Christian does is as important as what they say when it comes to sharing the goodness of God with others.

5. God’s Word is able to stand the test of any examination and scrutiny.

6. A godly person is someone who is willingly submissive to God’s ways.

7. Muslims do not believe in the virgin birth of Jesus.

8. Sharing the gospel message requires a lot of details and therefore you should always allow at least 30 minutes.

9. Teaching or sharing biblical truth is beneficial to our spiritual lives

10. The term “Islam” means:

11. It is important for Christians to have friendships with fellow believers so that they can encourage each another.

12. A summary of the Islamic system of conversion is found in:

13. The God of the Bible worshipped by Christians, and the God of the Qur’an (Koran) worshipped by Muslims, is the same God.

14. As a person reads and studies the Bible they should ask:

15. _____________________ literally means to give a reason for our faith.

16. Christians should force a person to listen to their presentation of the gospel and not stop until they make a decision for Christ.

17. When sharing the Gospel Christians should take time to listen the person to better understand their life situation.

18. Islam was founded by:

19. When a Christian shares the gospel message with an individual, they may also consider including their own personal testimony of salvation in the presentation.

20. Muslims believe that the Bible was corrupted by Jews and Christians